Privacy policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Christian Singles Singapore will never share your personal details (like e-mail address, encrypted password, IP address and payment details) with third parties — apart from a few situations listed here. Also, our technicians pay great attention to securing our data storage and infrastructure, to prevent abuse of your personal data.

Your private communication with other members

When you send a wink, send a message, or initiate a private chat with another member, you message is securely stored on our server, and only shared with the recipient. We're retaining chat logs for six months. Mail conversions and winks are retained six months after either you've both deleted the item or you've both ceased to be an active member.

Your public profile

During your registration and while you're a registered member you're providing us with data to be part of your public profile, including profile name, gender, date of birth, location, multiple-choice answers and essays. However, you have several options to limit public access. For instance, you may revoke access to your identifiable details on a per member basis. Limited details of your public profile (thumbnail, profile name, age, gender, location, and an essay teaser) may be publicized on our website available for site visitors who are not logged in. You may disable this. When you delete a photo, the image will be retained on our servers for a period up to seven days, however, the photo will be immediately unavailable to members and website visitors. When you choose to deactivate your account, your public data will be retained up to two years, however, your profile will be immediately unavailable on our website.

Other content you're publishing

When you post a praise on someone's profile, the recipient of praise is the owner of this information. Praise is being deleted from the website at the latest when the recipient is deactivating their account. Deleted praise is retained up to six months.

This is when we do share confidential data with others

In some rare situations we share personal details with third parties. For instance, when Christian Singles Singapore is forced to do so in order to comply with legal provisions or court orders. Most cases involve providing data to law enforcement agencies in order to help investigate or prosecute criminal activity. Also, organisations/companies providing services to Christian Singles Singapore might have (partial) access to your data. For example, our hosting provider and payment provider. However, they may only access confidential data in order for them to do their job properly, and are bound by non disclosure agreements. Finally, we reserve the right to share certain information with third parties in case you first contacted this party (directly or indirectly); for example, if you filed a dispute through a consumer organisation, we will provide or publish the data required to process or rebut your complaint.

Access of your personal data by our staff

Christian Singles Singapore staff may access your personal data, including access logs, payment data, and private communication with other members. This to offer (technical) support, process complaints, and fight abuse. In sort: to offer you a safe website and great service. Naturally, our staff signed a non disclosure agreement.


Cookies — small text files stored on your computer — are indispensable to our website's operation. We use cookies (encrypted and secured when needed) to provide you a safe login system and a problem-free web experience. Third parties also might store cookies. For example, Christian Singles Singapore uses Google Analytics to create anonymous visiting statistics. Finally, in some cases content originating from third parties (like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) is being posted on Christian Singles Singapore. These external websites might store cookies on your computer. Christian Singles Singapore has no option to control or monitor these cookies.